Fitting alert

Infographic tooltip for wearability

This is a feature implemented for the e-commerce website The marketing request was to find an user interface solution to alert the final user of a possible wrong wearability.

Not all the products fit at the same way and it not only depends from your body size. It depends, for example, also from the brand or from that particular item you are going to buy. In some cases the seller can give you a good suggestion: it is very important to communicate the proper fitting to make the customer happier and to reduce the returns as well.

As User Interface team, we analysed how the final user makes decisions for the size through user testing and we improved the best alert solution for the fitting. It consists in a mouseover tooltip in the item page that shows infographic and some text. The infographic is composed of three different size icons (one of them is highlighted with color), the largest of which is on the right side, and of an arrow that indicates the change the user is invited to make. There are many group of icons in the infographic depending from the gender and from the category.

A key issue to be solved was how and where to insert this kind of information: it is going to be added to a page already full of informations and at the end of a decision-making process (the last before the final user goes to add the item to the basket). The result was a functional mix of proper visual attention and reading time.

The Graphic department came with final visual solutions, the Content department wrote the final text and the Coding team developed the online version.

pencil & paper for sketching
Adobe Photoshop for prototyping
Adobe Illustrator for icon design and chart
user testing