Newsletter design

Increasing newsletter usability

Newsletter still resists as point of contact with your clients. For a company as is important to increase conversion and loyalty also with this media. The marketing request was to improve the email newsletter usability.

We began by studying the newsletter research and the design guidelines by Nielsen Norman Group. My User Interface team analysed the current status and we found a set of usability problems like these: lack of alternative text for images, use of just images (text could not be selected or not viewable with images blocked setting in the email client), absence of the textual version email, layout not optimised for mobile, and so on.

We gave this solutions: highlighting the content area with greater visibility, use of max three call-to-action for each email type, how manage wording and social contents, layout blocks flexible and well suited for mobile devices, hide or differentiate some elements in the mobile version for easy reading and not create a scroll too long, and other options.

Design guidelines by Nielsen Norman Group
pencil & paper for sketching
Adobe Illustrator for wireframe
Adobe Photoshop for image processing