PayPal Check Out

Adding a payment option

This is a featured improved for the e-commerce website The marketing request was to find an user interface solution for one additional payment method in the United States store: the PayPal Check Out. It is a kind of standard payment method in a lot of other e-commerce and the final user is already familiar with it, that’s good for shopping experience.

As User Interface team, we analysed the payment flow. So we introduced the PayPal Check Out button in cart page, in addition to the Credit Card and to the classic PayPal payment method. The PayPal Check Out button slightly differs from the classic PayPal because the payment flow is faster: you log in directly in the PayPal account, you use that shipping address and that payment access, then you complete your order in the confirmation page.

A key issue to be resolved were the contractual restrictions to negotiate with PayPal. We have created flowcharts, wireframes and interactive prototypes for a full understanding of the process. Once completed we had the review of the PayPal UX team.

Balsamiq Mockups for wireframe and flow chart
Axure RP for interactive prototyping
Adobe Photoshop for image processing